🎄 BEACON Christmas Appeal 2021🎄

Will you stand with people seeking asylum this Christmas?

With the proposed changes outlined in the Nationality and Borders Bill, people seeking asylum face an uncertain future now more so than ever.

This Christmas, they need your help.

Please dig deep and help us to fund our work supporting those who have lost everything to rebuild their lives.

With your help, we can:

❄ Open warm homes to people seeking asylum who are destitute

❄ Put smiles on faces by providing a safe¬†and welcoming environment to practise English, learn to cook¬†and enjoy social activities & trips

❄ Provide access to justice and targeted legal support to those left to navigate the hostility of the asylum system alone

Help us reach our target of £500 by the end of 2021!

Stuck for a gift for a loved one? Be an ethical consumer and donate a gift from the list below to someone seeking asylum on their behalf

Not sending Christmas cards this year? Make a donation to help others instead

Or add a person seeking asylum to your Christmas shopping list with a gift from the list below!

🎄¬†¬£5¬†will pay for a person seeking asylum to travel to an essential appointment

🎄¬†¬£10¬†will pay for a person seeking asylum to attend a day trip to a local place of interest

🎄¬†¬£15¬†will pay for a person seeking asylum to attend an online cooking class

🎄¬†¬£20¬†will pay for an interpreter to facilitate an appointment to access legal advice and support

🎄¬†¬£25¬†will meet the weekly costs of a host to provide accommodation for¬†a person seeking asylum

🎄¬†¬£25¬†will pay for a hosted guest to receive a weekly allowance to meet their basic needs

🎄¬†¬£50¬†will pay for a person seeking asylum to access an advice session to receive expert legal advice specific to their situation

🎄¬†¬£75¬†will pay for a monthly bus ticket for a person seeking asylum to travel to essential appointments and activities

Support BEACON to continue our work in 2022

If you’re looking to support a charity next year, please consider:

❄¬†Giving on a regular basis in 2022 to help people seeking asylum¬†❄

❄¬†Planning a fun event or personal challenge¬†to raise funds in 2022¬†❄

We’d love to hear from you!


“I¬†have such profound gratitude towards you. You have changed my life.”
Click here to give now to a person seeking asylum
Click here to give on a regular basis in 2022
Click here to contact us about fundraising in 2022
❄¬†Thank you and Merry Christmas from all at BEACON!¬†❄
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