Closure of CHAT Phoenix House project

We are sorry to announce that our CHAT project offering refreshments and support to asylum seekers waiting for appeal hearings at Phoenix House tribunal hearing centre has now had to officially close due to ongoing Covid restrictions. We would like to thank Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service for allowing us to deliver this support for so many years, our wonderful volunteers for all their hard work & dedication and all the court staff for making us so welcome.

On a positive note, it seems that the streamlined processes in the tribunal centre mean that many will be spared a long and anxious wait as they are taken straight into the court room upon arrival to have their hearing straight away.

We’re honoured to have been able to meet and greet so many incredible people over the years and are thankful that our volunteers have been able to offer warm drinks, tasty snacks and a comforting presence at a time when many have been feeling desperately anxious as they await what can often turn out to be one of the most significant events in their lives.

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