Media & Publicity

Refugees welcome! Meet the British families who have opened their homes to asylum seekers, featuring our Hosting Project (The Guardian, 7th September 2015)

Walk for Justice 2015 (BCB, 17th June, 2015)

Refugee Week 2015 (Telegraph & Argus,15th June, 2015)

Walk for Justice 2014 (Yorkshire Standard, 19th June, 2014)

Archbishop of York John Sentamu Praises BEACON Project (Telegraph & Argus, 4th December, 2013)

Bradford Ecumencial Asylum Concern – AGM (Telegraph & Argus, 2nd October, 2013)

How do you prove your nationality? (Telegraph & Argus, 5th August, 2013)

Walkers highlight plight of asylum seekers (Telegraph & Argus, 19th June, 2013)

BEACON project in appeal to find hosts in Bradford for asylum seekers (Telegraph & Argus, 29th December, 2012)

Asylum seeker’s thank-you Eid party (Telegraph & Argus, 20th August, 2012)

Asylum seekers plight revealed in new research project (Telegraph & Argus, 9th August, 2012)

Bradford people are asked to open their homes to destitute people who have no where to go (Telegraph & Argus, 9th January, 2010)

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