Walk for Work

BEACON’s annual sponsored walk will take place this year during Refugee Week on Wednesday 19th June 2019. Step out in solidarity and join us for a day of activism and exercise!

Start: 9.30am, Centenary Square, Bradford (to start walking at 10am)

End:  4.30pm (approx), Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds

Length: 11 miles (approx)

Route: Please click here for an outline of the route. Participants are welcome to join the walk at any point.

Why?: The walk aims to show solidarity with and highlight the injustices faced by asylum seekers and to raise vital funds for BEACON’s work. This year, we’re supporting the award-winning ‘Lift The Ban’ campaign, which calls to end the ban on the right to work for asylum seekers. The impact on asylum seekers of not being able to work is devastating – denying them of dignity and purpose and de-skilling them of any expertise and skills they may have brought with them to the UK. We’re calling for an end to this cruel policy, along with 197 other Lift the Ban coalition members. Step out in solidarity and join us for a day of activism and exercise!

How to register: Please email beacon@beaconbradford.org to register to take part in the walk.

Other ways you can offer support: If you don’t wish to walk but want to show your support, there are other ways you can help – waving the walkers off from Centenary Square, welcoming the walkers at Kirkstall Abbey or offering lifts back to Bradford! Please email beacon@beaconbradford.org if you are able to help.

Make a donation: You can visit our online fundraising page here. Cash and cheques payable to BEACON also welcome. Paper sponsorship forms can be downloaded here.

Contact: For further information, to offer support or to register to take part in the walk, please email beacon@beaconbradford.org or call us on 0330 113 7644.

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Thank you for your support!