Destitution Concern Bradford

Destitution Concern Bradford was established out of concern for the plight of asylum seekers, refugees, and other migrants suffering destitution in the district. The DCB group is comprised of those affected by and those working with these groups, who are united in their concern for those who have no choice but destitution, leaving them vulnerable to exploitation, ill-health, malnutrition, poor living conditions, and street homelessness.

BEACON is involved with Destitution Concern Bradford and working with a variety of organisations to speak out against the enforced destitution of those seeking asylum in Bradford.

On 29th June, 2013, BEACON was involved in a peaceful demonstration in City Park, as part of the National Day of Action Against the Destitution of Asylum Seekers.

Demonstration City Park 2013

On 9th July, 2013, Bradford Council passed a motion condemning the enforced destitution of asylum seekers and resolving to:

1) Re-state its commitment to Bradford District being a City of Sanctuary.

2) Write to the Minister of State for Immigration making clear its opposition to the use of destitution as a policy tool to force refused asylum seekers to leave the UK while they continue to state their case for a safe haven from persecution.

3) Request the Home Office to ensure that it continues to provide financial support and accommodation until a safe return is negotiated or an individual leaves the UK or leave to remain is granted, and to provide good quality legal advice at all stages of the asylum process.

4) Write to the Government seeking a change of policy to allow local authorities to assist refused asylum seekers at risk of destitution and provide emergency provision to them as they would to any other homeless person.

5) Endorse the call of the Children’s Society for reform of asylum seeker support systems.

6) Join the national campaign, Still Human Still Here.

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