Refugee Week Initiative (Calderdale Refugee Forum)

Stop Forcing Destitute Asylum Seekers To Pay For Their Journey To Leeds

“We believe that as people living in West Yorkshire, it is our responsibility to resist unjust hardship inflicted by our government on asylum seekers in our community. We condemn Home Office policy which forces unsuccessful asylum seekers to report at their own expense to the Home Office Reporting Centre at Waterside Court, Leeds, as it deepens the destitution in which they live.”

During our annual Walk for Justice, we highlight the plight of asylum seekers who are required to report to Waterside Court on a regular basis, most notably those who have been refused and have no access to financial support and are thus required to make the journey on foot.

During Refugee Week 2013, Calderdale Refugee Forum developed an initiative aiming to improve the lives of asylum seekers in our local community, focussing on the harsh aspects of reporting requirements for refused asylum seekers.

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“The forum is confident that in a civilised society, such an inhumane policy does not reflect the wish of the host community.”

BEACON support this campaign, which is currenty collecting decarations condemning the policy to be sent to the Home Secretary to push for a more compassionate approach.

Declarations can be downloaded HERE and should be sent to Daniel Russell at Calderdale Refugee Forum at: St. Augustines Centre, Hanson Lane, Halifax, HX1 5PG (

Background information on both Calderdale Refugee Forum and the Campaign is available HERE.
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