Friends of BEACON

FRIENDS OF BEACON are a group of people who are keen to strengthen the network of support for the work of BEACON.

A FRIEND is someone who will do one or more of the following:

  • receive regular information about the development of BEACON;
  • enthuse others by sharing news on a regular basis, including concerns for personal prayer or prayer needs for inclusion in congregational worship;
  • circulate information about the various projects to increase understanding of the issues around asylum and the scope of the BEACON’s work;
  • publicise occasional meetings with asylum seekers and those involved in the various BEACON projects;
  • volunteer to support one or more of the projects initiated by BEACON;make people aware of campaign issues and invite them to be involved in campaigning, e.g. by making a response by email or contacting their local councillor or Member of Parliament.

Are you willing to become a FRIEND OF BEACON?

If so, please complete the response form and return it to Katy Armitstead, BEACON Team Leader, (