Vision & Objectives


BEACON’s vision is that the Bradford district becomes a hospitable community where asylum seekers and refugees are welcome, enjoy access to justice and fair treatment and are supported on their journey to independence and integration


BEACON will offer hospitality and welcome through:

  • Providing trained volunteers to support asylum seekers through the legal process of claiming asylum
  • Arranging the provision of accommodation in volunteers’ homes for destitute asylum seekers
  • Providing the opportunity for English language development, and knowledge of and engagement with the local community
  • Providing volunteers to offer refreshments, conversation, and signposting at the Phoenix House Immigration and Asylum Tribunal Hearing Centre
  • Raising awareness of the plight of asylum seekers, through presentations and participation in campaigns on behalf of asylum seekers and refugees
  • Responding to other identified needs of asylum seekers and refugees as appropriate and as resources allow

Last revised February 2019